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FAQ 2020

When will classes begin?
o We will start classes on September 8, 2020

Will we meet in person?
o Yes, assuming we are able to gather safely.

Will there be a Zoom option?
o Yes, we will provide a Zoom link for those unable to meet in person, however we encourage everyone able to attend in person.

What times will classes meet?
o Tuesdays & Thursdays. 630-830 am. 900-1100 am.

Why are classes longer?
o Because we are offering graduate level degrees, we must abide by accreditation standards, which is 24 hours of instruction per 2 credits.

What is the expected workload?
o Expect 4 hours in the classroom per week, plus additional hours for reading, writing, and study. The typical academic standard is 2-3 more hours, per hours in the classroom, so about 12 hours all together per week for those enrolled in the degree program. These additional hours can be fulfilled anytime that best fits your schedule.

Will I need to register?
o Yes, because we will need to track students pursuing a degree.

What if I’m not going to enroll in the degree program? May I still attend?
o Yes, we will have an audited, certificate program available.

Is there a cost to Vida House, since we’ll have an option to earn a degree?
o Yes, each course is $200. However, we will have scholarships available, up to 75%.

Is there a cost to audit courses?
o Yes, the audit fee is $50 per course. Scholarships are available as well.

Do I need a bachelor’s degree to enroll in the degree program?
o Yes, a bachelor’s degree is typically required. Exceptions are granted on a case, by case basis.

How long will it take to earn a degree?
o Vida House is offering 2 degree options: A 40 hour Master’s of Biblical Studies and a 40 hour Worship of Arts. Vida House will offer 12-14 hours per year. Some courses may be taken online. Expect 3 years to complete a Vida House degree.

What will the normal schedule be?
o We are eager to balance the work & ministry demands that we know you have, along with the desire to make our time together life giving. To that end, we will have 4 terms per year. The fall term will be 12 weeks of instruction on Tuesdays & Thursdays. In 2020, it will begin the week of September 8. We will have a fall break the week of October 19. Students may have tests or assignments to complete over that week, depending on the syllabus. We will also have a full week off
for Thanksgiving. The last day of classes will be December 10. Students may have exams or assignments due past December 10, depending on the Syllabus. The winter term will be 2 weekends in January. Classes will be Friday & Saturday. We will need to complete 12 hours of instruction per weekend. The spring term will run from February-April. The summer term will be 2 weekends in May. Eventually, we may offer additional weekend seminars in the summer.

I’ve been part of Vida House. Will I receive credit from previous courses?
o Unfortunately, due to accreditation standards, we are unable to offer credit for previously completed courses. However, your time with us means that you’ll be better prepared to complete graduate level work.

What if I’m unsure if I want to enroll or audit? What should I do?
o We encourage you to enroll. However, if for some reason, you’re not able to enroll, you can receive credit for an audited course, if you complete the requirements within an appropriate time frame.

What if I need to stop my coursework for work or family matters?
o We have built a schedule that allows for students to complete the Vida House Master’s in a 3-year cycle. If that cycle is stopped or interrupted, you will either wait until the required courses are offered again, or you may take the missing courses online.

I received a ministry stipend for a residency through my church from Vida House. Will that continue?
o This will be up to the individual church, their budget constraints, and their leadership team. Because Vida House has additional costs associated with offering degrees and because we will be offering scholarships, our ministry support will switch from the stipend to the scholarship. The scholarship amount represents an equivalent amount (actually more as our costs increase to be able to offer degrees) that Vida House will be partnering with you to help you pursue ministry opportunities. Vida House will continue to work with churches to promote residency opportunities and we will be as creative as possible to partner with churches.

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